Review: pacificUV – Chrysalis

pacificUV are a duo hailing from from Athens, Georgia. As an indicator of their musical direction, look no further than the description on their Bandcamp page which claims that one member wanted to sound more like Jesus And Mary Chain whereas the other wanted to play the same chord for forty five minutes. Clearly some compromise was necessary.

Oddly, the EP begins with a remix and the effect of hearing ‘Ballerina’ is like listening to New Order after they’ve been overloaded with orange squash and cake, so it’s a bit too sugary for most tastes. ‘Lakes’ is much better. Against a backdrop of chilled piano and shimmering sonic effects, the husky female vocals add the final touch to a seductive tune. Then there’s another remix (of a track called ‘Sunday Night’) but this time it’s in a more subdued, classy style.

To come up with a cover version of The Smiths’ ‘Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want’ is a brave move. Naturally, it’s not as good as the original but decent enough to merit another listen if you’re not offended by swirling synths, emotion-free vocals and crashing beats. ‘The Archduke’ concludes this uneven release and once again the sad piano melody adds a human counterpoint to the digitised vocals.

With only two original songs here, one feels that ‘Chrysalis’ is not a true representation of pacificUV’s repertoire. However, the two new tracks are of great quality which bodes well for future outings.

Web Sites:
pacificUV Official Site
pacificUV Bandcamp


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