Review: Obfusc – Midnight Dome

Boltfish have released a number of fine albums over the years but it’s been a while since one has really grabbed my attention. Enter Obfusc’s ‘Midnight Dome’; the third album from New York photographer and graphic designer Joseph Burke.

After an initial intro of some rushing water, ‘Hologram Grip’ sounds vital as soon as its motorik rhythm is joined by a mysterious electronic melody and when layers of guitar and voice samples are added, the effect is a favourable comparison with those masters of instrumental intrigue, Boards Of Canada. ‘Oceanic Glow’ also recalls the 1990’s ambient folk sounds of Ultramarine. Album highlight ‘Our Signals Coalesce’, meanwhile, cleverly shifts soundscapes with twanging guitars and it’s that juxtaposition between “real” instruments and beats which is the key to Burke’s best work.

Perhaps another key to the success of ‘Midnight Dome’ is its seamlessness, with each track effortlessly drifting in to the next, often linked via those aforementioned rushing water effects. Naturally, it’s also embedded with atmospheric and evocative music which makes the listening experience thoroughly involving.

Web Sites:
Boltfish Recordings Label and Shop Site
Obfusc Official Site
Obfusc MySpace

Further Listening:
Boards Of Canada, Ultramarine

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