Review: Wake The President – Zumtung!

As Orange Juice and Josef K are named influences for so many of today’s indie pop artists, it’s time for Glasgow’s Wake The President to make their own history. They proffer a similar range of literate, jangly rock but it’s also obvious they are Scottish, given their accented vocals.

‘Your Expressions’ features a rockier chorus but its largely distinguished by clever key changes from both guitarist Bjorn Sandberg and his twin brother Erik on vocals (yes, they are half-Swedish). There’s also a fondness for New Order since the bass is particularly prominent and driving for ‘In Youth There Is Pleasure’ and the excellent ‘This Is New’. The occasionally lighter material (‘The Last Exit For The Lost’) does sound a little bit indie-by-numbers but then they produce a riveting number like ‘E.T.’ which signals a change in pace and a gift for arrangement which stretches beyond their obvious influences, whilst ‘Stockholm’s Archipelago’ is a heart warming ballad to end with.

‘Zumtung!’ is a very promising album (their first was released in 2009) which starts off like an indie pastiche but by the end of it, there’s a sense that this is a band not content to trade on the glories of their exalted countrymen. In fact, by the end of it, the Orange Juice comparison even seems irrelevant.

Web Sites:
Wake The President Soundcloud

Further Listening:
Hatcham Social, Orange Juice

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