Review: Win Peter Winters – Win Peter Winters

Beneath the odd moniker of New York act Win Peter Winters, the dominant presence is Chris Bell, who modestly describes himself as cellist and composer but – as the band’s Facebook page displays – he also provides vocals, viola, violin, banjo, glockenspiel and percussion. Assisted by his trusty band, he has assembled an album of classically-flavoured folk pop.

‘Sparks In The Sky’ opens up proceedings in the manner of a sinister tale as strings veer between maudlin and threatening. The banjo-led ‘Rain’ is particularly memorable, as are the stark atmospherics of ‘Ocean’. Yet just as the string arrangements control the mood, the vocals are raw and emotive; not unlike Martyn Bates from Eyeless In Gaza whose air for experimentation is also shared by Bell. It is these vocals which could do with toning down a little; maybe to be less crisp and harsh to suit some of the softer material. To that end, ‘World Goes On’ exudes some much needed warmth.

At times, ‘Win Peter Winters’ is a little too austere to love. This isn’t an album that is blessed with hooks but one with a strong narrative; likely to appeal to lovers of theatre and classical music rather than indie fans.

Web Sites:
Win Peter Winters Official Site

Further Listening:
Eyeless In Gaza


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