Review: The Kickliner – The Kickliner EP 2011

About a year after their last EP, Sheffield/Derby act The Kickliner return with their latest effort. Whereas last year’s release was a mixture of lilting and harder-edge indie, these four new tracks concentrate on the latter route and are all the better for it.

For ‘Accident Or Design’, the style is the definition of Brit indie-rock, with driving riffs and percussion ensuring the song builds up in to an anthemic proposition. ‘Arcade’ maintains the urgency levels and ‘Paper And Grass’ raises the bar still further with the interplay between the musicians achieving breathless levels of intensity. The breakneck pace is eventually broken by ‘Romance Is Ruined. Just like on their last EP, the final track is a slower song but the craftsmanship is strong enough to merit attention.

Comparisons will inevitably be made with Arctic Monkeys and several Northern British acts. The Kickliner still don’t quite convince with creating a unique sound (and their vocals certainly aren’t the most distinctive) but these four tracks are stirring and energetic enough to make casual listeners prick up their ears and take notice.

Web Sites:
The Kickliner MySpace
The Kickliner Soundcloud

Further Listening:
Arctic Monkeys


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