Review: Milk & Biscuits – Balcony Times

A supergroup of sorts, Milk & Biscuits comprise members of former indie darlings Electric Soft Parade and Brakes as well as relative newcomers such as Foxes! and Restlesslist. Described as “old forgotten songs, improvisations, day-dreams and long lost memories”, ‘Balcony Times’ is part inspiration, part indulgence.

‘Rivers’ is cut from the same cloth as the wonderful recent EP by High Highs; the harmonies couldn’t be more heavenly whilst the shimmering dreampop is both ghostly and summery. ‘Burnt Meadow’ is more like The Superimposers on a comedown but is quite lovely all the same whereas Seeland would be proud of the archaic pop noises of ‘Winter In Brasilia’. The pitch perfect melodic nostalgia is, however, put on hold for the final three tracks which range between drone pop (‘Trinidad’) and hazy psychedelia (‘Koa’, the title track).

This mini album seems to reflect the story of a student night out, with the band reaching heady euphoria towards the middle and then coming down by the somewhat sombre and less memorable ending. If they can maintain the magic of the first half next time around, they could have a great album on their hands, though.

Web Sites:
Big Salad Records Label Site
Milk & Biscuits Soundcloud

Further Listening:
The Superimposers, Seeland, Electric Soft Parade, High Highs


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