Review: Sport Of Kings – Logic House EP

“Yacht rock” was a term given to a highly polished form of American rock in the mid-70s to early 80’s. It’s now been given a 21st Century sheen by Brooklyn’s Sport Of Kings as they present their new ‘Logic House’ EP.

‘Free Jazz’, also released as a single, is pop music of the most sophisticated and relaxed kind. The musicians never seem to break into a sweat as whistling, trumpets and crisp drums underscore the clever but also warm and addictive melody. If this is rock, it’s rock of the softest kind. ‘1964’ even adds in breezy harmonies but its complicated key changes struggle to arouse much interest. ‘Preface’ and ‘Some Histories’ fare slightly better and resemble the nerdy, literate yet dreamy material of Grandaddy.

Sport Of Kings fly in the face of fashion in terms of their music style but there aren’t many bands around who summon up the spirit and intelligence of Steely Dan. If they could inherit a little more of their genius way with a tune, this group could be on to something here.

Web Sites:
Sport Of Kings Official Site

Further Listening:
Steely Dan, Grandaddy


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