Review: Sordid Dream – The Archetype

Sordid Dream is the somewhat unnerving name given to Anders Lindfors’ post-rock project and ‘The Archetype’ is the last of three releases from 2011. Encouragingly, in this rather over-populated genre, Philadelphia-resident Lindfors proves that he can stand out from his contemporaries with an uneven but frequently captivating collection of instrumentals.

‘Inspections At Fault’ sets the tempo but the tempo tends to be very variable. The intro offers the false dawn of ambient restraint but that’s followed by metal riffing and then back to melancholic melody again. Thanks to its intricate electronica and starry atmospherics, the excellent ‘Inverted Calligraphy’ and title track give progressive space rock a good name. In fact the latter track is actually the most convincing display of the battle between metal loops against electronic despair. It’s just a shame that ‘Carcinogen’ becomes jarring rather than thrilling. Meanwhile, the guitar-free ‘Tunnels Underground’ is a moving and welcome respite from the controlled chaos and the climax to ‘Part II’ wouldn’t sound out of place on a Bark Psychosis album.

Although Lindfors persists with his metal riffs, the quiet parts of ‘The Archetype’ are undeniably the most intriguing. Furthermore, at his best, the tracks here carry an emotional resonance that is only rarely achieved in this genre.

Web Sites:
Sordid Dream Facebook
The Archetype Bandcamp

Further Listening:
Boy Is Fiction, Bark Psychosis


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