Review: Collider – Vaede EP

It sounds like a contradiction in terms but a few years ago, The Big Pink managed to make shoegaze danceable and have recently returned with a new release. In the meantime, Collider have been covering similar ground and although their music is less immediate, the San Francisco outfit make their own mark with the impressive ‘Vaede EP’.

If one were pushed to give a three word phrase for Collider’s music it would be “Shoegaze In Space”. ‘Mono’ revolves around post-Madchester vocals, an abundance of beats and overloaded FX pedals. Infact each song is based on repetitive but addictive melody from the concise ‘Deco’ to the hypnotic insistence of ‘Same Things (Different Again)’. In between, ‘Silos’ mixes up pace and space with delightful results whilst the shifting soundscapes and throbbing bass of ‘Scenes Of Ourselves’ sounds like a modern remix of something from My Bloody Valentine’s ‘Loveless’ period.

Given the excellent production skills on offer on ‘Vaede’, perhaps what is most impressive is that Collider mix and master their own work. So by matching those gifts with a well-tuned appreciation of what makes a good hook, this duo are on to a clear winner.

Web Sites:
Collider Bandcamp

Further Listening:
The Big Pink, My Bloody Valentine

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