Review: Embark – Inside Andromeda

Embark is the nom de plume of a French musician called David Teboul and ‘Inside Andromeda’ is said to have been recorded “at home between the shouts of my children”. With such a difficult obstacle to overcome, it’s to Teboul’s credit that he’s managed to put together five largely electronic-based tracks.

The EP begins, perhaps sensibly, with the most radio-friendly offering, ‘It’s Time To Go’. It’s based on the simplest of riffs and even simpler lyrics (the title repeated ad infinitum) but strangely satisfying thanks to the fleshy percussion, strident bass and serene keyboard washes. ‘By The Sea’ moves in to prog rock territory with aching guitar melody and its followed by the sinister ambience of ‘Everyone But You’; a moment which unearths the common ground between Tangerine Dream and early Depeche Mode. Teboul chooses to whisper in English through most of these tracks but the notable exception is ‘La Terre Tombe En Morceaux’ spoken in his native language; the threatening delivery given further ballast by some stentorian keyboards. Finally, ‘Sunrise With Sea Monsters’ seems to borrow a bassline from Breathless and is a suitably moody way to end the EP.

‘Inside Andromeda’ does seem a little dated thanks to its progessive tendencies but Teboul has assembled some inventive, original arrangements. Let’s hope the children allow him to make an album next time.

Web Sites:
Embark Bandcamp

Further Listening:
Tangerine Dream, Breathless


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