Review: pacificUV – Weekends

Only a few months ago, I wrote about ‘Chrysalis’, an EP from Athens, Georgia duo pacificUV. It was a rather uneven release but the two original songs on it proved that there was some exciting potential. ‘Weekends’ attempts to prove that potential across a full album and largely succeeds.

From the outset, it is clear that this is going to be an enjoyable album. The moving strings on ‘Friday Night Dream’ create a melancholic nocturnal feel, Kraftwerk pastiche ‘Funny Girl’ demonstrates the lighter side of the band and ‘Just4kix’ is reminiscent of the twisted love songs ROC used to make in their prime.

Much as these songs demonstrate a playfulness and diversity though, it is towards the middle of the album when pacificUV truly come in to their own. ‘Baby Blue’ treads every FX pedal in its quest for trippy euphoria whilst the subtle romanticism of ‘I’m Not Here (But It’s Not Me)’ forms a stunning centrepiece.

‘Weekends’ does contain a few songs which fall on the queasy side of sweetness and the detached vocals could do with being a little more approachable. However, they handle the shoegaze/electro-pop conundrum with skill and the songs they’ve created here have bags of charm.

Web Sites:
pacificUV Official Site
Mazarine Records Label and Shop Site

Further Listening:
Junior Boys, The Jesus And Mary Chain, ROC


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