Review: Hearts Fail – Other Blessings

Bands like Hearts Fail are a dying breed these days. They create an irony-free take on gothic rock/post-punk, last in fashion over twenty years ago. Despite a number of line-up changes since 2010’s ‘The Dying Season’, ‘Other Blessings’ sees the San Antonio group pick up where they left off but with a notable increase in keyboard use.

‘You’re Burning Everything’ is typically earnest and a decent introduction to a decent outfit. Frontman Ed Wagner may not have the greatest of rock voices but he certainly doesn’t lack passion. ‘Keepsake (47 Whispers)’ is a more intriguing offering as the subtle synths merge with post-punk guitar and the song weaves an interesting and original pattern. This new fascination with electronica is explored still further for ‘We Wore Blinders’ which features the EP’s best melancholic chorus although the finale ‘Hold On’ runs it close.

‘Other Blessings’ is rather too caught up in the past to cross over in to the mainstream. Yet the songs are noticeably slimmed down from past releases and that gives the EP an immediacy that makes it as enjoyable as it is unfashionable.

Web Sites:
Hearts Fail Official Site

Further Listening:
The Mission, The Comsat Angels, Bell Hollow


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