Review: The Machine Room – Love From A Distance

Scotland isn’t a country normally associated with electronic music but here we have Edinburgh’s The Machine Room to buck that particular trend. ‘Love From A Distance’ is their first EP and already these four tracks point towards a superior form of propulsive synth pop.

‘Your Head On The Floor Next Door’ is not only a great title for a first song but also a very good taster for The Machine Room’s brand of emotive electro-pop. The twist comes courtesy of the Scottish-accented vocals from John Bryden. ‘Camino De Soda’ was their first single which melds tinny synths and programmed beats to a euphoric turn from their frontman. It’s epic, unashamedly nostalgic and – for all that – rather brilliant. If ‘Cost Of Progress’ ironically fals to convince with its busy, modern approach, the last track ‘Picking Holes’ demonstrates their dreampop roots thanks to its wind tunnel guitars.

Like Delphic, The Machine Room make swooning electro-pop with New Order-style rhythms. However, there’s an unforced sense of romance to these songs which propels this EP beyond the realms of a young band trying to capture the essence of a movement from decades ago.

Web Sites:
The Machine Room Tumblr

Further Listening:
Delphic, Puressence


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