Review: Songs For The Sleepwalkers – Our Rehearsed Spontaneous Reactions

Sweden-based singer songwriter Andrea Caccese is refreshingly candid about his music, explaining that his new album is “full of imperfections” and he couldn’t tell if it “is a good record or not”. After listening to his first album, it is tempting to agree with him but there’s certainly plenty of potential, particularly on the first two songs.

‘Icarus Falling’ begins like an earnest modern folk song but by its end, it has veered into abstract territory, where hypnotic drones merge deliciously with cello. Then ‘Down The Line’ treads a similarly appealing line between warmth and bleak moods but thereafter Caccese performs largely alone and with mixed results.

In the case of ‘We Are Still Here’ the approach seems to be paving the way for Snow Patrol-style anthems and even its lyric of “Looking for another star” seems rather contrived whereas ‘Set The World On Fire’ is a little more understated and consequently more convincing. Those two tracks couldn’t contrast further from the experimental ‘Asleep’ and ‘Awake’; the first sees intricate guitar patterns interweave with ghostly harmonies whilst the second brings dischord in to proceedings. Then, in a final twist, the remaining two tracks fit in to a more traditonal form of songwriting; ‘Tell Me How’ benefitting from the employment of haunting echo effects and making a fine bedfellow for a raw finale entitled ‘What If I Do’.

Even at this early stage of his music career, ‘Our Rehearsed Spontaneous Reactions’ already seems like a crossroads for Caccese. The album sounds like the work of three or four different solo artists each pulling in a different direction although the post-rock route seems to be the best option on this evidence.

Web Sites:
Songs For The Sleepwalkers Official Site
Songs For The Sleepwalkers Bandcamp


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