Review: Yellow6/Egsun – Worth Wasting Time

Often cited as the nearest Britain have to a version of Labradford, it’s hard to think of a current artist who has assembled such a vast collection of new material as Yellow6. So here he is again on a split CD with Greek artist Egsun.

‘Concorde’ is Yellow6 in discordant and evil form; taking a full five minutes for the nightmarish effects to settle and reveal the usual languid but disarmingly pretty chord sequence that we normally associate with Jon Attwood’s output. Ignoring its doomy title, ‘The Start Of Our Decline’ brings back the warmth as Attwood hits on a hypnotic pattern of crisp percussion and a repetitive yet enduring guitar melody.

In total, Egsun’s five contributions take slightly more time than Yellow6’s two tracks yet they are no less distinctive. In fact, trom the moment ’38 Grey Days’ kicks in with its chiming motif and haunting strings, it’s hard not to be hooked. His instrumental pieces swell and subside at just the right moments (‘The Ocean Near You’ is particularly gorgeous) and are resolutely tuneful, even when drone is employed for a sparse ‘Long Soak’.

Yellow6 once again proves that there’s plenty of mileage in his minimalist material whilst Egsun impresses with his more expansive arrangements. The artists compliment each other rather well too.

Web Sites:
Somehow Ecstatic Label and Shop Site
Yellow6 Official Site
Egsun Soundcloud

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