Review: HorHey – Home Recordings

George Burton hails from Moncton a city in New Brunswick, Canada. For his solo project as HorHey, Burton chooses lo-fi rock, grunge and post-rock as his reference points for an occassionally confusing but likeable debut.

The start, brought to us by ‘Cobalt’, is an incongruous combination of glum rock guitars and what can only be described as plinky-plonk keyboards. What follows is also fairly disoritentating as ‘Fever’ adds unhinged vocals to a base of lo-fi and grunge. This style turns out to be HorHey’s main calling card and the formula reaches its peak for the fuzzy, distortion-heavy delights of ‘Nothing Familiar’ which rides in on a rock-sold rhythm. Guiding the listener to the end are a softer take on post-rock (‘Corinth’) and the crazed off-kilter melodies of ‘Ergon’.

‘Home Recordings’ is certainly an apt title given its modest production values but there’s much to like about Burton’s approach. Some of his methods may be those of an amateur but his skills with crafting hooks amidst the chaos make you wonder what he can achieve in the future.

Web Sites:
Horhey Bandcamp

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