Review: Run Dan Run – Normal

Sometimes it’s not necessary to feel the pressure of creating something new and just concentrate at what you do best. Led by singer/songwriter Dan McCurry, South Carolina’s Run Dan Run are a case in point. Their second album, ‘Normal’, is simply a rather fine exercise in old-fashioned indie rock songcraft.

Summery gutars, sad-hearted vocals from McCurry and even a brass section contribute to ‘Lovesick Animal’. Few pop songs have as much emotional ache as this but then few bands possess a frontman quite so capable of communicating quiet despair as McCurry. ‘False-Hearted Lover’ is slower-paced but hits its mark with a full-bodied arrangement and this song moves to the languid verse/vibrant chorus set-up of ‘Cut-Outs’. Further standouts are ‘Anonymous Girl’ where the band add a wired intensity to their sound, whereas ‘Fresh Faces’ approaches the crazed tunefulness of Broken Social Scene.

Run Dan Run are reminiscent of both The Postal Service and – even more so – German act The Notwist. They share with these bands a knack for literate songwriting, heart-aching vocals and ambitious arrangements. The key is that, despite the dark lyrical matter, Run Dan Run redress the balance with an abundance of sweet melody.

Web Sites:
Run Dan Run Official Site
Run Dan Run Bandcamp

Further Listening:
The Postal Service, The Notwist


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