Review: Kanstantsin Yaskou – Ludus Mobilis

Kanstantsin Yaskou is the conductor and composer of the Belarus Modern Ensemble on ‘Ludus Mobilis’. Yaskou is a key member of the Society for the Development of New Music, whose lofty aims are matched by the talents of musicians who are willing to stretch the boundaries of the modern classical genre.

For the opening piece (catchily-titled ‘Ludus Mobilis I, Diatonic Metaepitaphy in Memory of Conceptualism’), there is a lovely pastoral swell which is admirably maintained by the performers for its seven minute duration. Thereafter Yaskou takes a turn for the experimental from the percussion/violin-heavy ‘Ludus Mobilis II, The Dance of Yin and Yang about The Deepest Emptiness’ to the drones of ‘Ludus Mobilis III, Sanctus Benedictus’. ‘Recitativo and Aria’ and ‘Toccata and Fugue’, however, return to the beauty and melody of the first piece but without compromising on invention.

Yaskou claims that ‘Ludus Mobilis’ is a genre he invented. The exact meaning may have been lost in translation but what is for sure is that the album is a fascinating and varied collection of classical music that – at its best – can be loved as well as respected.

Web Sites:
Ludus Mobilis Bandcamp
Society for the Development of New Music Official Site


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