Review: Dada Trash Collage – Fun Fund EP

According to their press release, Dada Trash Collage are known for their “far reaching experiments in pop music”. It’s a bold claim but one which this Michigan-based duo certainly fulfil on the basis of these half dozen tracks which stretches alternative into some severely dark corners.

Thanks to its snatches of film dialogue, extra thick percussion and echoed vocals, ‘Nothing But The Sea’ comes across as a haunted, modern take on psychedelia. That sense of eeriness persists for the Latin-inflected ‘Dizzy’ whilst the single ‘Migraine’ begins with tribal drumming and concludes with fairground organ but in between there’s a rather fabulous (if equally macabre) pop song. In a rare moment of clarity, ‘Little Horn’ – possibly the most disorientating moment on the EP – helpfully poses the question “Where has my mind gone?” just in case we weren’t thinking that already. In fact, the last three tracks seem to value eclecticism and weirdness over cohesion but naturally never come close to being dull.

It would be hard to pinpoint too many reference points for Dada Trash Collage’s sound, although the work of Liars is a possibility given their penchant for drum sounds and subversion. ‘Fun Fund EP’ contains so many curveballs, the listener may feel the need to lie down.

Web Sites:
Dada Trash Collage Official Site
Dada Trash Collage Bandcamp

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