Review: The Cathode Ray – The Cathode Ray

There is an intriguing backstory to the first album for The Cathode Ray since it was originally a collaboration forged between singer/songwriter Jeremy Thoms and ex-Josek K frontman Paul Haig in 2006. Sometime later, Haig’s solo career started to pay off and Thoms was left to continue the project alone. This he has now done with the help of new band members, so the debut album by The Cathode Ray arrives six years after their first single.

Thoms is certainly no novice at this kind of thing, even if he isn’t as big a name as Haig. He has already helmed (with distinction) melodic pop/rock act Skyline and the soulful epic sounds of The Fabulous Artisans. Indeed, the project starts well thanks to the surging rushes of ‘Patience Is A Virtue’; an exciting journey which takes in the sights of surf, glam and retro-futurism along the way. Well constructed hooks are abound for the infectious ‘Dispersal’ and ‘Creature Of Habit’. Perhaps inevitably there are comparisons to be drawn with other Scottish acts and it’s fair to say that Edwyn Collins would be proud to have written ‘Lost And Found’ whilst the intense guitar interplay on ‘Slipping Away’ bears comparison with Josef K.

Thoms once again proves his talent and his versatility with The Cathode Ray and what is more, the band pack a punch and an energy that groups half their age would be grateful for. It may have taken half a decade to complete but this is another successful mission accomplished for Thoms.

Web Sites:
The Cathode Ray MySpace

Further Listening:
Skyline, The Fabulous Artisans, Edwyn Collins, Paul Haig

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