Review: The Spiracles – How Things Went Well When I Met You

Luis Rodriguez, in his own words, has set out on a quest to combine “all my musical influences such as indierock, indie pop, bossa, twee, synth pop and dream pop”. There might only be three songs here but it’s fair to say the majority of those genres are well covered on his new EP under the name of The Spiracles.


The EP begins with the infectious electro-jangle of ‘Fireflies’; brought to life by a female singer. The girlie vocals, simple melodies and innocent air point towards a late 80’s reverie akin to The Primtives’ ‘Crash’. If that song is slightly throwaway for some, then the heartbreak of ‘Merry’ is a stronger proposition. Sounding more like The Sundays this time, the track is a much stronger showcase for the guest vocalist. If Rodriguez’s indie pop credentials aren’t clear by now then an affectionate cover The Field Mice’s ‘End Of The Affair’ makes them a cast iron certainty. Finally, of the two remixes on offer, Elika’s chilly rhythmic version of ‘Fireflies’ adds new potential to the lead-off song.

Derivative it may be but the simple rule follows that if you enjoy the same musical styles as Rodriguez clearly does then there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy this EP too. With a new album on the way, more top tunes are expected.

Web Sites:
Saint Marie Records
The Spiracles Official Home Page

Further Listening:
The Field Mice, The Primitives, The Sundays, Elika


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