Review: Electrik Emily – Stiletto Rock

Electrik Emily is a feisty redhead, schooled in the Riot Grrrl scene and more traditional girl groups. After a couple of singles and EPs, the Seattle-based musician has now been inspired to release a debut album of no-frills guitar-driven rock.

After decrying males on the catchy but undemanding ‘Cock Rockers’, ‘Rain City Queen’ is where the elements come together. Based on droning synths, chugging guitar and Emily’s breathless vocals, the song is essentially one simple but rather brilliant hook. If her music can come across as a little one dimensional at first then hats off for the heart-tugging ‘Addiction’ where she reveals new layers of songwriting depth and emotion. On the debit side, ‘My Guitar’ is a bit too primtive to be of value but at least she follows up a relatively weak moment with the urgent and well-constructed definance of ‘Not 4 Sale’.

Although not blessed with the widest of vocal ranges, what is clear that Emily knows her way around a pop hook. In the final analysis, this is an undemanding but fun and likeable record which plays to its strengths. If she takes more risks next time, there could be a great album in her too.

Web Sites:
Electrik Emily Official Site

Further Listening:
Joan Jett, The Runaways


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