Review: Alice And Michi – Strange Bloom

Alice and Michi have each experienced very different backgrounds in music. Whilst Alice served time as a drummer, Michi took the classical route; playing violin at Carnegie Hall being one of her chief accomplishments. As can often be the case when two wildly varying styles combine though, wonderful results are achieved on their first album together.

The close and intimate harmonies of the two ladies on second track ‘Fighters’ creates an early sense of warmth which rarely wavers. Thanks to its sadly romantic aura and exquisite arrangement, ‘You Could Be My Guy’ has shades of The Tom Tom Club’s ‘Genius Of Love’ about it whereas ‘This Is A Happy Song’ is Björk in quieter mode. Many of the songs contain brass and string interludes but they never threaten the understated, lovelorn core of the songs with ‘Dedication’, in particular, sounding relaxed, breezy and lonely all at once.

This record is full of little idiosyncracies which are similar to the aforementioned Icelandic songwriter in creativity terms but Alice And Michi are definitely out on their own with their musical vision. The songs on ‘Strange Bloom’ may sound timid on first hearing but after a few more listens they become gradually become more imaginative and inspiring.

Web Sites:
Alice And Michi Official Site
Kenji Records Label and Shop Site

Further Listening:
Lidwine, Björk


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