Review: West Norwood Cassette Library – Collision/Detection V2

Bob Bhamra presents the second in a series of experimental audio projects from Long Division With Remainders. Operating under the name of West Norwood Cassette Library, there’s a sense of expediency to Bhamra’s contribution which befits a man who describes one of his other projects as “ambient music for the impatient”.

In terms of music, ‘V2’ consists of just two tracks really because ‘Intro Digest’ and ‘Outro Digest’ are a couple of brief and seemingly random sample collages which bookend the EP. The real meat is provided firstly by ‘Collision Bump’, which merges danceable beats with precise Kraftwerk rhythms. ‘What’s Going On’, meanwhile, begins with a radio intro (from Jonny Mugwump and his Exotic Pylon of course!) and then dispenses some intense and hypnotic drum and bass; the repetition of the title amidst the chaos serves to add a chill and confusion to proceedings.

So, after twelve minutes, the disorientating experience is over. It feels as if you’ve been bundled in to a taxi to a space age disco for ten minutes and then thrown out again by the bouncers.

Web Sites:
West Norwood Cassette Library Blog
Front And Follow Label Site
Long Divison With Remainders Label Site


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