Review: Adios Amigo – Adios Amigo

The sunshine may never arrive in the UK but Adios Amigo offer the alternative sound of summer should it ever be required. Like a number of San Francisco bands before them, their music is effervescent and has footholds in both the local yacht rock scene of the late 70’s/early 80’s as well as modern day dreamy pop acts.

‘Intro’ starts events off well with a short cavalcade of jangly guitars and propulsive rhythms that promises a high tempo. Slightly perversely then, ‘Play You’ holds back on the intensity and the mood stays relaxed from here and right to the end of the EP. Infact the mood couldn’t be more laidback as glistening and aching  dreampop melodies are joined by breezy harmonies; the song even sounds like one extended summery chorus. Next, the exquisitely-arranged ‘Debut’ recalls the sophisticated pop of The Sea And Cake and by the time of last song, ‘The Couch’, the music has seemingly drifted up into the clouds, such is the blissful, otherwordly noise the group conjure up with their voices and instruments.

With another new EP to follow very shortly, if they keep up their sunny outlook, Adios Amigo may be timing their next release to perfection. For now, just kick back and enjoy these cool tunes.

Web Sites:
Adios Amigo Official Site
Adios Amigo Bandcamp

Further Listening:
The Sea And Cake, Arnold


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