Review: Twin Cabins – I’m Sure

Nacho Cano was born in Mexico and moved to California at the age of ten where he developed a “truly Californian” sound although, in the opinion of this writer, other times and places are evoked more naturally. Yet what cannot be disputed is that many songs here are love letters, since the sense of romance is always to the fore.

From its delicate chiming guitar intro and slightly fey vocal, ‘Lonely Summer’ will immediately transport some listeners back to the early 1980’s when The Wild Swans and The Lotus Eaters created the most innocent-sounding indie love songs of the time. In a rare sense of urgency, ‘Cool Kids’ keeps up the wistful and lovelorn mood but its gentle rhythms become more intense as the song draws to its close. In contrast, ‘Bridges’ couldn’t sound more languid if it tried but it’s another gorgeous track, as is the delicately shimmering ‘San Again’.

Regardless of whether it’s by accident or design, ‘I’m Sure’ represents an enjoyably nostalgic trip. It may lack variation but the songs are so endearingly melancholic and lovely that it’s hard not to be seduced by the jangly charms.

Web Sites:
Twin Cabins Bandcamp

Further Listening:
Pandit, The Wild Swans


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