Review: The Big Pink – Future This

Though they hail from the South of England, The Big Pink’s impressive first album from 2009, ‘A Brief History Of Love’, possessed a Northern swagger to counteract its electro/shoegaze backing. As a result, something refreshing and new arrived but, if anything, its follow-up seems to take a step backwards.

The beginning to the new record is certainly attention-grabbing enough. ‘Stay Gold’ is cut from the same cloth as the previous album’s ‘Dominos’; infact its chorus is pretty similar whilst ‘Hit The Ground (Superman)’ is another song which strives (and largely succeeds) to sound both huge and uplifting. Yet further on, the deficiencies start to unravel.

‘Give It Up’ and ‘Lose Your Mind’ sound strangely dated and much of the album seems over-produced. Still, some fine songs emerge from the noise: ‘1313’ emerges triumphant from its beat-heavy backing and features an exciting instrumental coda whereas ‘Rubbernecking’ charms with its simple singalong melody. They also end the album well thanks to the title track’s euphoric rush of a chorus and the unusually introspective ’77’.

This may be electronic music mixed with the confidence of a Manc rock act but sometimes that confidence is misplaced because ‘Future This’ seems to contradict the promise of its title. However, half of it is very good; it’s just not quite at the same high standard as its predecessor was.

Web Sites:
The Big Pink Official Site

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