Review: 2PPM – For People

On the face of it, a Florida-based band made up of just a keyboard player (Chase Hudson) and a drummer (Sean Sullivan) suggests music of limited possibilities. However, under the name of 2PPM (shorthand for Two People Playing Music), the duo claim to explore the boundaries between music both popular and unknown.

The approach is certainly unfamiliar. Listening to ‘Movies Without Sound’, one can hear distorted whale noise and easy listening organ sounds set to jazzy rhythms. On ‘Recycling’ the music takes a more psychedelic route; swirling and veering between relaxed jazz and full on instrumental wig-out. The duo keep the invention flowing with stop-start rhythms and etherealism for ‘The Iron Dreyuss’, crispness and echo for ‘Troutman’ whilst 1960’s retro futurism seems to be the order of the day on last track ‘Beehive’.

It’s hard to describe music which sounds quite like this but they could be the missing link between Polish post-rock act Skalpel and those 1960’s experimentalists and visionaries The Silver Apples. Either way, this is refreshing original and tuneful material.

Web Sites:
2PPM Tumblr Site
2PPM Bandcamp

Further Listening:
Skalpel, Silver Apples

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