Review: Teen Mom – Mean Tom

Teen Mom are a trio of young male musicians from Washington D.C. who occupy that potentially awkward middle ground between fey indie pop and shoegaze. Based on the quality of their similarly, awkwardly named EP though, their first half dozen tracks promise much for the development of the band.

Thanks to the indie jangle and doleful vocals on opener ‘You And Me’, the trio create an impression of lovelorn young gentlemen, not unlike The Drums if they were a student band recording in a basement. That comparison isn’t to undermine their talents rather to emphasise the DIY ethic of the band and the fact that their songs possess a welcome intimacy.

They can also make a noise when they want to and ‘Always Happy’ is the first sign of their “fuzz-pop” credentials. Layers and layers of ache coincide with driving guitars for the excellent ‘All The Time’ whilst the other three songs may be less polished but all (the lilting ‘Gehry’ in particular) still carry a certain rough-hewn charm.

‘Mean Tom’ is an EP which celebrates its lo-fi dynamics and the quality of the songs usually shines through the humble surroundings. Given the success of The Drums in recent years, don’t be surprised to see Teen Mom’s harder-edged sounds reap rewards too.

Web Sites:
Teen Mom Bandcamp

Further Listening:
The Drums, Drop Nineteens

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