Review: The White Space – The Crescent Wave

Robert Vandeven is best known for being one half of the songwriting team for 1980’s quasi-dreampop act The Lucy Show and he recently re-emerged with a rather decent and forward-thinking solo album. The White Space is the name of his new project with ex-Fuzzy Logic man Dave Farrow. The band name actually borrows from an old song by The Lucy Show but it is here where the comparisons end.

To sum up the album in three words would be “melancholic indie soul” and the beginning to ‘The Crescent Wave’ is a little ponderous. ‘Stay’ features a glum guitar melody that is given voice by an equally glum Vandeven. ‘Davey’ is equally muted in its approach but at least the jangly tune is a tentative step towards positivity. The first song to break out of the relative slumber is an old one. ‘Ships’ was the highlight of Vandeven’s solo album and its trippy hypnotic bliss signals a welcome gear change for the record. ‘All The Flowers’ is a touchingly tender moment, ‘Simbday’ balances distorted noises with a genuine sense of yearning whilst the finale, ‘Hold’, is as classy as a Bond theme.

To describe ‘The Crescent Wave’ as a middle age masterclass in subtlety would be a tad dismissive because Vandeven and Farrow do raise their game towards the end of the record. Futhermore, the songs are well arranged, ensuring this album has a longevity which – like the members of The White Space themselves – defies the aging process. 

Web Sites:
The White Space Official Site

Further Listening:
The Lucy Show, Archive


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