Review: DJ ADA – The Work Album

Of all the DJs around today, DJ ADA (otherwise known as USA resident Adam Butler) must be one of the most modest. ‘The Work Album’ was created a couple of years ago but until now he has not promoted it. The concept may not be the most exciting (it’s all about an average working man’s day) but it’s actually an involving album with a largely seamless flow.

DJ ADA keeps things interesting by sticking to short fragments of instrumental passages populated with beats and samples from both spoken word and vintage music. There is that general air of melancholy partly because there’s little or no evidence of social interaction for this man’s working day but also because the music itself, with its minimalist melodies, snatches of soul and spare hip-hop rhythms, reflects a state of loneliness. It’s the kind of record where standout tracks are rendered redundant by the strength and continuity of the whole package.

Make no mistake, DJ ADA is no DJ Shadow but this home produced album possesses an intimacy which more polished efforts tend to lose. Its creator should certainly be less modest when promoting his music, too.

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DJ ADA Bandcamp


1 Response to “Review: DJ ADA – The Work Album”

  1. 1 kia scherr July 6, 2012 at 1:17 am

    I was happy to read this review and see that you really ‘get’ Adam and his music. The album is quite an intimate reflection of what he was experiencing in his work environment at the time. Thank you for posting this review – I would love to see Adam’s work get out there and appreciated!

    Adam’s mom – Kia Scherr

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