Review: Stomacher – Clara

When a band gets compared to Interpol, U2, Radiohead and Portishead they’re clearly not short on ambition or, perhaps, realism. However, these bands wouldn’t have got anywhere without self confidence and San Francisco’s Stomacher, with their epic indie rock sound, certainly sound like they mean business.

‘Moonlight Blues’ – all stentorian keyboards and mannered Gothic vocals – presents an arresting if rather over familiar beginning. ‘Motel’, however, is marvellous. Although comparisons to Interpol may dog Stomacher, this track is something to be proud of thanks to a drum pattern similar to Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’, searing guitars, sinister synth washes and the frontman’s performance in studied cool. Nothing quite matches that moment but then for any band, it would be a difficult task to do so.

Elsewhere, ‘Carnival Rock’ threatens to give Scissor Sisters a run for their money although the likeness may not be what the band intended. ‘Hesperian Fruit’ is another track to prove the worth of a great rhythm section; the muscular funky backing is instrumental in providing another album highlight, whilst ‘Kicking Up The Dirt’ is effectively eerie and epic.

Overall, Stomacher sound a little too much like a hybrid of all their influences to truly stand out. However, thanks to some finely polished post-punk numbers, there’s enough evidence here to suggest that their time will come

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