Review: Adios Amigo – Dos

Released not long after their first EP, San Francisco’s Adios Amigo have created a second (craftily entitled ‘Dos’) that may sound even more like summer than their first, which is saying something. However, they have also added some heft to accompany the heavenly side to their material.

The opening to ‘Colony’s Dead’ isn’t so far removed from a boy band as some “oh oh oh” harmonies introduce the song. The track itself is rather slight both lyrically and tunefully but at least partially rescued by some impressively aggressive guitar work. ‘Chicken’ is much better and revolves around clever interplay with acoustic guitar and a banjo to create a fine alt-country number. ‘Never Forget’ balances the Beach Boys harmonies with heavy indie guitar riffing and it works surprisingly well and by the time of the aching finale ‘Pretty Pretty Princess’ the band sound like they’ve put themselves through the wringer such is the breathlessness of their performance.

Although Adios Amigo’s easy on the ear gifts remain, they’ve also added urgency thanks to some intense guitar work. So this is a good follow-up and one which shows a willingness to progress even if the same style as the last EP would have been perfectly acceptable.

Web Sites:
Adios Amigo Official Site
Adios Amigo Bandcamp


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