Review: The Absolute End Of The World – We Don’t Exist

As daunting as it seemed, the title given to Luca Maugeri’s solo music project proved to be anything but a doomy prospect. Indeed, if his last EP really did represent The Absolute End Of The World then at least we’d all die in a state of chilled-out euphoria, given the dreamy soundscapes delivered on ‘Welcome Time Travellers’. To prove it was no fluke, the Italian has produced a quick follow-up.

‘The Right Serenity’ does a fine job of living up to its name. Guitars chime away and keyboards wash over you but the tight percussion ensures the track is strong enough for it not to float away completely. ‘The Winner’ surprises because it sounds very AOR; guest contributor Luca Porporato lending his slightly husky, warm vocals to a decent Blue Nile meets Dire Straits-style song. The expertly multi-layered ‘La Crime Di Cassandra’ is more typical of Maugeri’s work though and evokes a train ride through dreampop’s history and even if the two tracks which follow it seem to go through the motions, relatively speaking, ‘ L’odio Di Voi Miserabili’ ends the EP  with a beautiful air of melancholy.

Unsurprisingly, given the short time that has passed since his last EP, ‘We Don’t Exist’ is not a huge departure from ‘Welcome Time Travellers’. However, much of the music here still manages to be blissfful, uplifting and unerringly melodic.

Web Sites:
The Absolute End Of The World Bandcamp
The Absolute End Of The World MySpace

Further Listening:
Dextro, Raymond Scott Woolson

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