Review: Between Days – Before I Say Goodbye

The first album from Kenny Miller performing as Between Days was characterised by quiet/loud guitar parts and a bit of shouting. So far, so very post-rock. In truth, those same elements are to the fore on Miller’s next endeavours but this brief follow-up serves as a tender tribute to his grandparents.

Even if the EP is split into three tracks, they segue into one another; forming one lengthy fifteen-minute piece. Mothers going into labour may disagree but Between Days’ version of ‘Birth’ is a relaxed affair; the delicate piano and low-strummed guitars indicate a subtle sense of melancholy, not unlike Mogwai’s quieter moments. ‘Life’ is undeniably livelier and we hear the screams of Miller although the sense of relief is palpable rather than alarming. The shouting continues to the final segment but this is soon replaced by mournful trumpets and further feelings of emotional desolation. All of this is accompanied by recordings of Miller’s recordings of his grandparents; bringing a human and tender touch to the noise and the spaces in between.

By the end, one is entitled to feel slightly exhausted as Miller is clearly setting a very personal journey for himself to music. It’s post-rock with a very real sense of loss but it’s sensitively handled (even with the shouting).

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Between Days Bandcamp

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