Review: Apsis Lappet – The Fear Of Farewell

As a prelude to their second album, Apsis Lappet reassuringly describe their acid pop as “nothing less than face melting”. Hyperbole aside, though, ‘The Fear Of Farewell’ certainly deserves be positioned at the extreme end of modern psychedelia.

‘Frozen’ kicks off the album and will cast worrying doubts in the minds of those who likes their tunes happy and catchy since it’s a Krautrock drone of a song. ‘Quickly Slow Me Down’ is a better example of their psychedelic pop sound but its crazed harmonies are certainly challenging. Likewise, ‘Fishing’ combines primtive electronica with vocoders to incongruous effect.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Apsis Lappet’s most enduring tracks are the least complicated. ‘No News Like Bad News’ shows the benefits of a primal rock riff and the group produce a song which rivals Dawn Of The Replicants at their most raucous. The drum and bass versus twinkly synths collision that is ‘Rejected’ is worth a listen too. Those moments of relative glory are somewhat crushed, however, by ‘Anaerobic’ and its eleven minutes of repetitive static, bird noise and drone which can only prompt the simple question, “why?”. Contrary artists they are, the album then ends with ‘Hidden Track’, which features proper singing and a sweet, if slightly saccharine, melody.

In terms of reference points, ‘The Fear Of Farewell’ should be filed somewhere between the out-there productions of Klaxons and Ariel Pink’s lo-fi pop. Naturally, Apsis Lappet don’t quite have the killer hooks of those bands but what they do have are some curious songs which will intrigue adventurous listeners.

Web Sites:
No Source Label Page for Apsis Lappet

Further Listening:
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, Klaxons, Dawn Of The Replicants, Blackloud

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