Review: the bilinda butchers – goodbyes

Naming yourself after a member of My Bloody Valentine is one of the more obvious ways of nailing your influences to the shoegazing mast. Thus we have the bilinda butchers, from San Francisco who, as it turns out, sound only slightly like the band who inspired their name.

the bilinda butchers are certainly not as hard-edged as MBV as is immediately clear from ‘teen dream’, the opening track to ‘goodbyes’. It’s the jangliest of jangly pop, complimented by fey vocals. ‘hai bby’ is poppier still but with a noticeably stronger emphasis on electronics that puts it in the bracket of modern acts like Delphic. The EP then moves on to the giddy, constantly shifting soundscapes of ‘crystal tears’ whilst ‘half open’ and ‘little leaf’ bear close resemblance to the blissful brand of dreampop The Radio Dept. regularly produce.

On a melodic level, the bilinda butchers are hard to beat. Each track is memorable and resolutely tuneful but the only minor problem is that the whole experience, because it is so cleanly produced, possesses a slightly artificial feel. Perhaps a full album’s worth of their material will provide the acid test that their sugary songwriting can last the course.

Web Sites:
the bilinda butchers Tumblr Site
the bilinda butchers Bandcamp

Further Listening:
The Radio Dept., Letting Up Despite Great Faults, Delphic

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