Review: The Voodoo Trombone Quartet – Dress Down Friday

The name will be unfamiliar to many but material from The Voodoo Trombone Quartet has appeared on shows like ‘Ugly Betty’, ‘Being Human’ and ‘Little Big Planet’. Although they perform live as an eight-piece band, their appointed band leader is muliti-instrumentalist Paul Thorpe, who guides his well-drilled outfit through a cornucopia of styles assembled under the loose confines of quirky instrumental music.

‘Dress Down Friday’ is the second album from the project and it’s obvious that versatility is the watchword for Thorpe and his crew. On this evidence, they really do have a piece of music for every occasion; whether it’s easy listening/disco (‘La-Dee-Loo-La’), space/Krautrock (‘Easy To Learn’), film noir (‘Cold Reader’), 70’s cop themes (‘Number One Selecter’) or late night club music (‘Ripples’). There’s even a ska track which features vocals.

With such variety, the only danger is that the effect can sound like a mix tape by ten different artists. However, what a fine mix tape it is and the overall feeling is one of exuberant instrumental music with occasional moments of quiet reflection.

Web Sites:
Voodoo Trombone Quartet Official Site
‘Dress Down Friday’ Soundcloud Album Stream

Further Listening:
Lemon Jelly, John Barry

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