Review: Grand Resort – Vanguard Dreams

They may be considered very British institutions but the influences of C86 and shoegazing have entered the mind of an impressionable teenager from the Dominican Republic. Andrés Pichardo is the musician in question and after decamping to Massachusetts, the now twenty year-old has put these ideas on to tape.

‘Buena Vista’ sets the scene with a colourful explosion of dreampop but it’s a mere prelude for the jangle-fest that is to follow, beginning with the light and airy ‘Running Out’. Occasionally these songs are so light they recall the kind of paper thin, insipid fare which diminished the C86 portfolio. However, the plusses are greater than the minuses and half of this album  (namely ‘Night Is Dark’, ‘Never Ever’, ‘All I Want To Do’ and ‘Recreation’) strikes the perfect balance between strident pop hooks and Pichardo’s permanent sense of wistfulness.

‘Vanguard Dreams’ is essentially nostalgic escapism and those looking for more robust material should cast their glances elsewhere. However, for fans of The Field Mice and The Wild Swans, it will feel like summer has just begun.

Web Sites:
Grand Resort Bandcamp
Grand Resort Facebook

Further Listening:
The Field Mice, The Wild Swans, Twin Cabins

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