Review: Sean Renner – Sekhmet

Gaining inspiration for music often comes from getting out and about in different places. In Sean Renner’s case, he didn’t have to go too far for inspiration since it came from the century-old townhouse he calls home in St. Louis.

You can tell from the way the piano notes resonate for ‘Prelude’ that his choice of studio space is a smart move.  The majority of tracks though have a heavy reliance on Renner’s gentle and highly likeable vocals. For the stunning title track, for example, they are pitched at their most tender and heartfelt level, whilst strings, piano and guitar add to the incredible warmth of the song. That juxtaposition of piano and voice are in perfect unison again for ‘Prayers’. Then, in an unexpected detour from subtle expression, ‘Messenger’ offers a rare glimpse of danger via its threatening array of violin and ominous, pounding drums.

There’s a strong sense of Irish singer/songwriter in the style of Renner that is certainly appealing. ‘Sekhmet’ may lack the edge to make it a great album but it is likely to provide comfort and warmth to anyone who takes the times to listen to it.

Web Sites:
Sean Renner Official Site
Bandcamp Page for ‘Sekhmet’

Further Listening:
Conrad Vingoe


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