Review: Goodbye, Labrador – A Thousand Times Before

Goodbye, Labrador provide indie pop with a truly cosmopolitan feel. It certainly helps to create a colourful, multi-layered sound when you have band members from Spain, the Czech Republic and the US. The odd thing is that if I hadn’t read about them beforehand, I would have guessed that they are a Scandinavian outfit.

The EP begins with ‘Intrepid’ courtesy of a gentle guitar figure but then the pace picks up quickly to create a rattling undertow of rhythm and intensity that never lets up until the song is over. Thanks in no small part to the epic, widescreen feel of the song, there’s a sense of Scandinavian Interpol at play for the urgent ‘Sirens’ and if ‘Falling Away’ brings back unfortunate memories of Britpop, then ‘Embrace The Stranger’ more than makes up for it with wonderfully melancholic hooks. Yet the group save their best moment to last for ‘Memoir’. It’s the song which lifts the EP from its superior indie status as it not only features the best chorus but also incorporates ambitious arrangements and spine-tingling harmonies.

‘A Thousand Times Before’ touches on shoegaze and dreampop as well as classic indie and “Scandi-pop”. Moreover, the group sounds fully formed and ready to demonstrate their skills over the course of an album.

Web Sites:
Goodbye, Labrador Official Site
Bandcamp Page for EP

Further Listening:
Diefenbach, Interpol, Santa Dog


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