Review: Patchy – Barrow Road

The signs look a bit ominous for Bristol’s Patchy. Dodgy name aside, this young band of scallywags have chosen album cover art featuring the not entirely unattractive picture of the backs of two naked women. Subtlety doesn’t seem high on the agenda but one should never judge a book by its cover as Patchy prove.

‘Barrow Road’ may be shallow initially but happily it has depths and a sure-footedness which confirms creative minds are at work here. ‘Share My Bed’ undoubtedly plays on its overtly sexual suggestions but the song itself is a gem which revolves around funk guitars and an addictive chorus. Steffan Knight is a fine frontman; “old beyond his years”, his vocals possess an earthy gravitas reminiscent of Alex Germains from the long lost Mountaineers. He adds a melancholic warmth to the already wonderfully crafted songs ‘Dementia’ and ‘Million Pieces’, whereas ‘Medicine’ is impressively soulful. To cover their more aggressive (or laddish) side, ‘Generation’ is bursting with infectious punky energy.

So from unpromising beginnings, Patchy definitely exceed expectations; their music treading an impressive path from indie rock thrills to subtle introspection. So if their next records features bare breasts or animals fornicating, one can only assume they’re going for the avant garde classical market.

Web Sites:
Patchy Facebook
Barrow Road Records Soundcloud

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