Review: David Newlyn – The Misspelled Numbers EP

For his latest EP, it’s comforting to know that David Newlyn is nothing if not considerate. The sleeve notes advise “Please play at a fairly reasonable volume to both children and elderly persons”. Such is the gentle nature of ‘The Misspelled Numbers’, though, you’d be hard pushed to find a record less aggressive in nature.

From the spare, piano piece of ‘Foreword’ to the subtle, haunting ambience of ‘Over The Water’, the EP is a picture of serenity. ‘Seance 17’ adds strings and voice samples to the mix and the effect is one of almost effortless pastoral beauty. ‘The Last Time’ manages to work its way around a wonky sequence of effects to deliver a stately piano melody whilst hypnotic drones dominate ‘In The Sunshine’.

Newlyn is never one for over-dramatising events but this EP has been lovingly and carefully crafted from the individually hand-numbered sleeve to the warmth of the music heard on the 3″ disc it houses. Overall, it’s a classy affair from beginning to end.

Web Sites:
David Newlyn Bandcamp
Wist Rec. Label and Shop Site

Further Listening:
Library Tapes


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