Review: The Title Sequence – Straight To Video EP

Based solely on first impressions, London’s The Title Sequence would appear to be a 1980’s obsessed act and one with a video recorder obsession too. They offer an instrumental track called ‘VHSEX’ and their EP cover is based on blank cassette artwork. However, they prove in a mere five tracks that there is so much more to them than nostalgia.

The Title Sequence EP Cover

‘Out Of This’ is triggered by vintage synths and bleeps and accompanying Krautrock rhythms, topped off by breezy vocals. It turns out to be a false dawn if one was expecting faintly superficial synth pop. ‘My Light Was On’ is close to perfection. It builds from a pretty acoustic guitar intro but then the doleful vocals add another layer of melancholia to create a beautifully atmospheric, sad song. The desolate acoustic theme continues for ‘Hide And Seek’ too. Finally, ‘Desert Song’ is a respectful and likeable homage to Ennio Morricone which shows ambition and production levels  you wouldn’t normally expect of a new act.

‘Straight To Video EP’ is a very brief introduction to a new outfit who reveal more in twelve minutes than many bands can muster in a whole album. The songs here are mature, multi-faceted and surprisingly moving.

Web Sites:
Bandcamp Page for ‘Straight To Video EP’
The Title Sequence Tumblr Page

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