Review: Ninetails – Slept And Did Not Sleep

After some dazzling live performances and glowing press from the music media, Liverpool’s Ninetails seem to do no wrong at the moment. To describe their music is a somewhat elusive task but if complicated, yet highly melodic guitar work and atmospheric post-rock are your bag, then there is much to gain from on ‘Slept And Did Not Sleep’, their second EP.

Ninetails EP Cover

As if to say they are not desperate for mass appeal, ‘Maybe We’ begins with an assortment of distorted guitars and loops and takes a full minute before a distinct melody can be detected. That melody is languid and after three minutes the instrumental parts begin to form a song; so thick with nocturnal atmosphere, we then find ourselves in Bark Psychosis territory. The compelling ‘Body Clock’ deconstructs synth pop and post-rock and throws in all kinds of tuneful curveballs both in terms of harmonies and basslines. In lesser hands, ‘Rawdon Fever’ could come across as an indulgent funk guitar workout but Ninetails turn it into a glorious technicolour version of Haircut One Hundred’s ‘Lemon Firebrigade’. Alas, ‘Boxed In’ sound like an experiment in underwater minimalism which builds promisingly but doesn’t really justify its eight minute length. Thankfully, the group sign off on a positive note with another salvo of aching guitar lines and angst-ridden vocals.

Putting press adulation to one side, by anyone’s standards this is a highly inventive and hook-filled EP that can only make one yearn for the band’s next release, which should be due in the New Year. Until then, be mesmerised by ‘Slept And Did Not Sleep’.

Web Sites:
Bandcamp Page for ‘Slept And Did Not Sleep’
Artist Page for Ninetails from Superstar Destroyer Label

Further Listening:
Bark Psychosis, Millimetre

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