Review: Lidwine – No Monkey

Self-taught and self-produced, Lidwine Du Royer’s first EP, ‘Lw’, enchanted those who were lucky enough to hear it back in 2010. Combining the magic and innocence of early Björk with modern classical values, the songs within delivered on tunes, craftsmanship and emotional reach. Two years have now passed and here we have ‘No Monkey’, which was recorded in a Parisian church and consists of three previously unreleased songs and two new versions of ‘Lw’ tracks; serving as an appetiser for Lidwine’s first album, due out in 2013.

'No Monkey' EP Cover

As a harpist and a versatile, distinctive singer, Lidwine should have no worries with the stripped-back approach and this idea is evidenced throughout the EP. The spare innocence of ‘Duet For Ghosts’ exudes fairy tale magic but ‘Back & Forth’ contrasts Lidwine’s sweet tones with chilly production. Her best song thus far, ‘In The Half-Light’, is given another welcome airing too; this time as an organ-led piece and is the final of the five impressive songs featured here.

It’s evident on all these tracks that Lidwine’s vocals are so rich that they can carry the melodies by themselves. Naturally, ‘No Monkey’ is likely to entice previous fans of the artist and with only 200 copies released of the EP, they better be quick about it too. Nevertheless, even a newcomer would appreciate the minimalist allure of these songs and the arrangements are abundant with imagination and creativity.

Web Sites:
Lidwine Official Site
Gizeh Records Label and Shop

Further Listening:
The Mummers, Björk, Alice And Michi, Machine Birds

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