Review: Talvihorros – And It Was So

Talvihorros seems to be one of those acts who fully commits, engaging every brain cell and emotion into his instrumental outpourings. It was very apparent on his last release ‘Descent Into Delta’, which represented the aural equivalent of drowning, both metaphorically and literally. ‘And It Was So’ was originally intended as a seven day project but ended up taking three years of Ben Chatwin’s time. It is said to “evoke the expansiveness, dynamicism and density of the cosmos” and a talent like Chatwin is one of the few who can live up to such a claim.

Talvihorros Album Cover

Darkness was a dominant feature of ‘Descent Into Delta’ and it’s hard to feel much else from the harsh walls of noise which greet you as soon as the paradoxically-named ‘Let There Be Light’ begins. Yet beneath the drone and storm, fragments of crystallised beauty can be discovered. By the end of the track the drums, strings and guitars have slowed down to a crawl; as if they had collapsed through exhaustion after the first step of this seven part album.

The good (or bad) news is that the next offering is noticeably less intense and there’s a welcome sense of space as the shards of noise melt and dissipate. ‘The Two Great Lights’ seems forever caught on the edge of something monolithic and ‘Swarms Of Living Souls’ echoes its title with a forceful explosion of alien chatter but even this harsh moment soon evaporates into some lovely vapour trails. The remainder of the album shifts slowly and gloriously between the realms of Bark Psychosis and Labradford’s soul-baring post-rock.

‘And It Was So’ is another emotionally tiring but rewarding album from Chatwin. It should certainly satisfy those who were engulfed by the torrential drama of ‘Descent Into Delta’ but this is a record that seems lost in space rather than water, with an all pervasive sense of doom as it seems destined to eternally drift in a far-flung galaxy.

Web Sites:
Talvihorros Official Site
Bandcamp Page for ‘And It Was So’

Further Listening:
Flying Saucer Attack, Bark Psychosis, Labradford

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