Review: Remote – Remote

If you can judge a new band on its choice of support acts then Remote must be a glum, atmospheric rock band from the early 1980’s. This Cornish outfit have played second billing to Modern English and Sad Lovers And Giants so far and these comparisons suit them to a certain extent. As their self-titled debut reveals, though, they are far greater than the sum of their parts.

Remote Album Cover

‘Hold Me Now I’m Yours To Keep’ definitely represents a stirring start. There’s more than just echoes of the early 1980’s thanks to the track’s gothic drums and doomy bass but the song has a thirst for adventure and a sense of space which makes you want to listen to more. That patience will certainly be rewarded since ‘Silhouette’ takes the intensity up a notch with breathless vocals and supercharged synths whilst the drone-heavy ‘Prototypes’ sounds like The Twilight Sad without the Scottish accent. Thereafter, the variety continues to impress as the epic, Secret Machines-style prog of ‘Black Rain’ and ‘Time Of Our Lives’ rub shoulders with instrumental tracks entitled ‘God’s Playground'( complete with “woo hoo” and children noises) and ‘Web Of Convergence’. The fact that these latter two tracks do not sound self-indulgent is of immense credit to Remote.

Far from being in thrall to the bands they have supported, Remote play a modern, vibrant form of prog rock which could well see them becoming headliners in their own right. There’s even an aura of Simple Minds about them as they skilfully balance the subtlety with the bombast.

Web Sites:
Remote Official Page
Hear ‘Silhouette’ on Soundcloud

Further Listening:
120 Days, Secret Machines, Simple Minds

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  1. 1 Ian Remote January 22, 2013 at 5:15 pm

    Thanks for the positive review..your kind words are much appreciated..

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