Review: Nosound – At The Pier

With their sprawling, emotional music, the thought of Italian act Nosound releasing an EP may seem like an impossible prospect. Or at least, their definition of an EP would be at least the length of a mini album. Surprisingly and pleasingly, Nosound’s “post rock meets prog rock” approach can be concise and they pack a generous three tracks into fifteen minutes for ‘At The Pier’.

Nosound EP Cover

How appropriate that one of the EP’s tracks should be called ‘A New Start’. Yet at once it sounds familiar; brushed cymbals and slo-mo drums usher in Giancarlo Erra’s disconsolate vocals as bluesy organ and guitars embellish tales of great anguish. Erra could probably express forgetting to leave the iron on as an emotional trauma but his tones are always controlled and restrained enough for his delivery to offer a comforting form of pain. To demonstrate this point, ‘The Anger Song’ is anything but an exercise in violence even if the percussion offers a bit more venom and urgency than usual. This just leaves ‘Two Monkeys (Alt Version), which begins unassumingly enough but the mix of glorious fade-out and desolate piano to accompany one of Erra’s most forlorn vocal performances yet, ensure the EP ends on a classy and poignant note.

‘At The Pier’ will doubtlessly satisfy current followers of the group but this EP also serves as a useful introduction for possible converts to their cause. The curious may well be rewarded because, as one of a number of Italian acts taking the post-rock route, Nosound come closest to achieving the elusive greatness of Bark Psychosis.

Web Sites:
Nosound Official Site
Kscope Label and Shop Site

Further Listening:
Bark Psychosis, No-Man

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