Review: How How – Remixed

The idea of an electronica act from Poland releasing an album of remixes may not be the most exciting prospect for everyone but this EP is worth twenty one minutes of the curious listener’s time. Although never quite convincing from beginning to end, How How have impressed before on past releases; their approach comparing favourably with the likes of Múm as they employ childlike vocals to accompany busy and bubbly beats. Here, they leave it to others to unearth the potential of their material.

How How EP Cover

One of How How’s first tracks, ‘Bumpy’, is given two radically different remixes. In the case of Touchy Mob, they offer a throbbing, jazzy, soul makeover which turns the song into a rather fabulous, slick, brand new one. Tomek Maciątek, however, keeps things minimalist and brief. Meanwhile, Szymon Kaliski (arguably the biggest name artist featured here) adds a soothing balm to the ambient ‘Ninja’s Calm’ and in turn inserting another layer of class to the EP. Quite what Paweł Bartnik was thinking of when reworking ‘Drut’ only he must know but his samples of film dialogue and additional dissonance should be filed under “interesting”.

The experience may be brief but ‘Remixed’ is one of the more worthwhile excursions into re-imagining another artist’s past. Touchy Mob and Kaliski, in particular, demonstrate evidence of their own talents as well as paying respects to the foundations laid down by How How on their original versions.

Web Sites:
Bandcamp Stream for ‘Remixed’

Further Listening:
Múm, Szymon Kaliski

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